Maturepolis Lab is part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at KAIST, in Daejeon, South Korea. We apply ideas from urban information systems, data analysis, planning, and design towards making cities resilient and sustainable, able to support a diverse and deep array of activities and residents.


Jaehong Lee and Wonjun No both presented papers at the 26th KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, in Kyoto, Japan. Jaehong showed some preliminary studies on informal waste recycling in Korea, while Wonjun presented his work on detecting braille blocks from streetview images.


David presented the lab's work on pedestrian safety at the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, and ran into some old friends as well!


David gave a talk at the Smart Waterfront City Forum, hosted by K-Water as part of the World Smart City Week conference held at KINTEX.


Byeongjoon Noh and David Lee will be at PURBA 2018 (part of Ubicomp 2018) to present a paper: Vision-based Overhead Front Point Recognition of Vehicles for Traffic Safety Analysis. We will talk about some of the techniques we use to identify the precise locations of vehicles detected from stationary cameras over a crosswalk, in order to detect when these vehicles might be a potential collision risk to the pedestrians using the crossing. See you in Singapore!


Professor Myounggu Kang from University of Seoul gave a seminar at KAIST on smart urban planning, as a guest of the lab.


David gave a talk at Claremont Graduate University, graciously hosted by Professor Joshua Tasoff and the Department of Economics.


A spicy goodbye lunch for our departing visiting student, Hou Yudi.


Catching up with Hongik urban design professor Jae Seung Lee after giving a talk at Sogang University Art+Design.


Lab outing to see the Doosan Bears take on the home team Hanhwa Eagles!


Information designer and AI specialist Sey Min gave a seminar at KAIST on data visualization, as a guest of the lab.


We brought students from our Technology and the Smart City course to Seoul to meet with our partner course at IDAS@Hongik, and study some sites in the Dongdaemun area.